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In 2009, The Canadian Cochrane Centre launched the first webinar series within the Cochrane Collaboration. We are grateful to the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization for providing the Blackboard CollaborateTM platform to make this possible.

Enjoy the following Cochrane Canada Live recordings. Spread the word! To view the Cochrane Canada videos channels on the PAHO YouTube page:   http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL444961DCCCC60369

Join a live webinar! Please click here to view the list of upcoming topics and obtain the registration form.

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Rapid Response Program

The new rapid-response service  provides responses to urgent requests from Canadian policymakers and stakeholders for evidence about health-system challenges, and it complements existing programs targeted at other domains such as health technologies. The turnaround is three-, 10- or 30-business days, in the form of a rapid (knowledge) synthesis. This webinar examines the features of the rapid-response service as illustrated by work in Ontario, how to reach the McMaster Health Forum about setting up a similar program in other Canadian provinces and territories, and how to submit a request for your immediate needs.

Presented by: Dr. Mike Wilson, Assistant Director, McMaster Health Forum


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