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Cochrane Canada Live presents you with a variety of learning opportunities that you can experience online and at no charge. Cochrane Canada released The Cochrane Collaboration’s first webinar series in 2009, and it has since proven to be a favourite medium of training among Cochrane members, internationally. We focus on a wide range of topics that are relevant to people with beginner or advanced knowledge of The Cochrane Collaboration, Cochrane Reviews and The Cochrane Library. Webinars allow you to learn with renowned research experts from around the world without the time and expense of having to travel. All you need to participate is a computer with internet access and speakers.

"Great format and medium for interacting with colleagues around the world"
- Webinar participant

2014 Cochrane 101 Series

Cochrane 101:  An Introduction to The Cochrane Collaboration
Thursday, 20 March 2014, 12-1PM EST (Toronto); conducted in English

Who was Cochrane?  What is the Collaboration?  And what are systematic reviews?  Come learn about an international network that helps healthcare providers, policy-makers, patients, their advocates, and care-givers make well-informed decisions about health and health care.   Hear how nearly 30,000 contributors work together to prepare, update, and disseminate Cochrane Reviews – and learn how you can join us!

The Steps of a Cochrane Review:  An Overview
Thursday, 27 March 2014, 12-1PM EST (Toronto); conducted in English

What makes Cochrane Reviews different from other systematic reviews?  Who – and what – is involved in the process?  We will introduce you to the steps of a Cochrane Review and give you some practical tips for getting a review underway.

Let’s Start at the Very Beginning:  Getting the Question Right for Your Cochrane Review
Thursday, 3 April 2014, 12-1PM EST (Toronto); conducted in English

A strong, clear question gives your Cochrane Review the foundation it needs:  it informs your search strategy, narrows your focus, and provides the framework for your team’s work.  Join us to learn what sort of questions are answered in Cochrane Reviews.  We’ll cover the key components of a good research question and we’ll work through sample questions:  you’re invited to share your research topic as an example! 

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Cochrane Canada thanks the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization for providing the Blackboard Collaborate platform to make these webinars possible.

Webinar times are local time in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. To time shift to your time zone, consult: The World Clock Meeting Planner. For some attendees, this could mean the next day in your part of the world.

If you have questions regarding webinars, please contact the Canadian Cochrane Centre, at eueffing@ohri.ca.

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International Webinars

Along with Cochrane Canada Live, Canadians have access to additional webinars hosted by Cochrane Centres from around the world, many of which are free. Please visit http://www.cochrane.org/tags/news-events/workshops/online-learning for a list of international webinars. Remember to check the time difference!

GRADE webinars

The GRADE working group and the Cochrane Applicability and Recommendations Methods Group (ARMG) are setting up a series of webinars to answer questions about the GRADE approach. The monthly webinars began in February 2013. All sessions are recorded on Elluminate (tech support provided by the PAHO) and you are able to watch them for free anytime, anywhere. Speakers answering your questions include Gordon Guyatt, Holger Schünemann, Paul Glasziou, Elie Akl, and Jan Brozek. If you have any question about the GRADE system (no matter if you consider it basic or advance) you are welcome to send it to: chairceb@mcmaster.ca
It is IMPORTANT that the subject of your mail be: Question for GRADE and Cochrane ARMG webinar
Questions will be discussed by the speakers throughout the sessions. Once we have the questions we will announce the specific website so you can all watch the webinars.
Recorded webinars:
Feb 6, 2013 - initial webcast March 14, 2013 - continued

External Webinars

Online webinar series on Reporting Guidelines
Promoting greater accuracy and transparency
Sponsored by the Equator Network and the
Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) 

Title: The STROBE Statement: reporting observational studies

Presenter: Dr Erik von Elm, co-director of Cochrane Switzerland, academic editor of PLoS ONE, co-convener of STROBE Initiative, senior epidemiologist

Date: 19 March 2014-Webinar will be approximately 1 hour

Time: 16:00 CET (Switzerland)           
          15:00 GMT (London)
          11:00 EST (Washington, Ottawa)

Language: conducted in English only.

Target audience: Health research scientists, clinicians, editors, peer reviewers, and all professionals involved in conducting, supporting or publishing health related research.

Description: This webinar on STROBE will help you to understand how to report observational studies while adhering to the STROBE guidelines. STROBE is one of the most popular and useful guidelines as observational studies form the majority of published health research. Based on his extensive background in epidemiology and experience with the STROBE development and implementation, Dr von Elm will be able to answer questions asked during the webinar.

Observational research involves several study types and designs. Thus, it is crucial to have sound knowledge of the key principles of reporting observational studies. This would be especially useful for researchers and professionals involved in the publication of medical research. Inadequate knowledge on STROBE hampers good reporting in medical literature.

Via: Blackboard Collaborate. Log into: www.paho.org/virtual/Research .

Registration: There is no need for formal registration but we strongly recommend that you test your equipment ahead- the session will open before the webinar starts to allow you to test your equipment. Sorry, we will not be able to provide technical support on this.

Audio Set-Up: Once you are signed into Blackboard Collaborate click on Tools menu, then click Audio, and lastly click Audio set-up wizard and follow the prompts.    

More information is available on the EQUATOR Network: http://www.equator-network.org/2014/03/10/webinar-the-strobe-statement-reporting-observational-studies/

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